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Scratch Lab #2 Write Up

Question #1

There is a forever loop, amount of times loop, and a if... Then... loop. The forever loop makes it do whatever is in there forever. The Loop with a number of times does whatever is in their for a certain amount of times. The if... then... makes it do whatever is in the then if sonmething else is happening.

Question #2

You should use the if... then... loop because it will do that thing until the other thing has ended.


no it doesnt work because the forever loop inside of the forever loop makes it so that it will only say the first thing once then it will go down to the next forever loop and keep saying that without going back to the first loop.

Question #4

You can make them broadcast a messege and have the other sprite recieve that messege and they will start doing whatever is under "when I recieve that messege." The if... then... loop will also make them do a certain thing when another thing is down. This allows for scratch to make anything you want. The possibilities are endless.

Question #5

Yes they are the same because if the space bar is not clicked then the next costume will come up and then the words the space bar has been clicked will come up. The other one if the space bar has been clicked it will say the space bar has been clicked then move to the next costume. They end up doing the same thing.