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Web Developement Lab #2

HTML Write #2

Html Write Up Lab #2
  • What is a server? How is it different than a standard computer?
  • What are the tags needed for HTML tables?
  • What does an iFrame allow you to do?
  • What does the 'a' tag do?
  • What does the 'tr' tag do?
    1. A server is a placce where multiple computers can come connect over one network
    2. the tags for a table are: 'tbody' 'tr' 'td' 'thead' 'table'
    3. allows you to embed another website or video or interactive material into your website
    4. an 'a' tag allows you to put a website link into your website when clicked
    5. the 'tr' tag makes it so you can have different table rows in your table